Summer Sweat

When you lose more fluids through summer sweat than you take in you can get dehydrated. That’s why it’s important to drink fluids like water throughout the day. Children can become dehydrated quickly, so watching for signs can be key to their safety. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends notifying your family doctor if you [...]

Happily Hydrated

Summertime is a fun time. The longer, sunnier days of the season make it enjoyable to get out and play, but they also increase the importance of staying hydrated. Here are tips for avoiding dehydration and related health issues that could put a cloud in the way of your child’s sunshine: 1) Start early and [...]

Smarter Lunchrooms: Why School Cafeterias Look Different than They Used To

If you give kids more fresh fruits and vegetables will they eat more? This is the kind of question researchers; school administrators and nutritionists ask as they evaluate school lunchrooms across America. Nutrition facilitators from the Healthy Schools Healthy Families program at Genesee County Intermediate School District (GISD) have begun the first phase of a [...]

Get Grilling

There’s nothing like an outdoor barbecue with all the fixings. It’s a sure sign spring is in full swing. Anytime families gather their meals tend to be more enjoyable, especially out in the fresh air. Adding the sizzle and smell of lean meats like a grilled turkey burger, marinated chicken, or fish, and vegetables makes [...]

What kids prepare, they often eat

Leah Cox gives lessons on cabbage, kiwi and other lesser known fruits and veggies to students throughout Genesee County Intermediate School District. Then the Healthy Schools Healthy Families program manager and fellow GISD instructors gather them in small groups to learn how to make new dishes incorporating featured produce. Sampling healthy new recipes like cabbage [...]

What they buy, they’ll try

If you want to get your kids interested in something new make a game of it, recommends Healthy Schools Healthy Families Program Manager Leah Cox. “Kids like challenges and puzzles,” Cox says. “So giving them the opportunity to decide which apple is best or what food sample to try provides a great way to motivate [...]

Try, try, and try again

Sometimes food favorites don’t always start out as winners. So says Genesee Intermediate School District’s Healthy Schools Healthy Families Program Manager Leah Cox. Many kids have super-sensitive taste buds and preferences of certain types of food texture, says Cox. But she reminds parents that, just because a child doesn’t like a food item the first [...]

Getting the Most Out of the Foods You Buy

Finding foods with the highest nutritional value isn’t difficult if you know what to look for. Labels provide useful information that helps you make good choices about food products.  Look closely and you’ll begin to pick up on just what to look for to get the most out of the foods you buy. Families interested [...]

Get Growing!

Backyard or community gardens provide a great way to connect with kids and an even better incentive for the entire family to eat and share healthy, home-grown produce.  Follow these simple tips to make your child's garden a fun experience for everyone:   Give them space Dedicate a small portion of the family garden or [...]

Dig In

There are many good reasons to teach our kids to garden, but one of the most important is the profound lesson gardening teaches them about life. To grow is to know, say food and wellness experts at 810 KIDS! Kids who garden learn about cultivating carrots and other vegetables early in life are more likely [...]

Snacks in a Snap

This month 810 KIDS! are learning about healthier snacks in classrooms throughout the Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD). Leah Cox, GISD’s Healthy Schools Healthy Families program manager, says healthy snacks can rival the taste and appeal of popular, packaged foods. “It’s all about the presentation,” says Cox. “Get your kids involved in preparing snacks. It’s [...]

Snack Station: Build a Healthy Snack Hub at Home

Snacks help keep everyone fueled-up between meals. Combine a protein with one or two other food groups and snacks can become a power-packed way to re-energize our bodies. Create a home snack station this month. Fill it with healthy options for the pantry and refrigerator in clear containers to select nuts, low-fat string cheese and [...]

Snack Attack: How to Prepare for the Inevitable When Hunger Strikes

When hunger hits, you automatically go for whatever food items are within reach. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and have a healthy snack haven stocked and ready to grab, says Leah Cox, Genesee Intermediate School District’s Healthy Schools Healthy Families program manager. She recommends getting kids involved in selecting and stocking healthy snacks. [...]

Nature’s RX: Why Getting Outside Is Good for Us

Getting outdoors is good for your health and disposition, according to a growing body of researchers. Sure, there’s the value of heart-pumping exertion, which benefits the cardiovascular systems, but there’s something more. Several studies, including one published in Environmental Science and Technology in 2011, suggest exercise outdoors benefits mental well-being more than the same type of [...]

Explore Sloan Museum’s Rainforest Maze

Kids can glide like butterflies and scale up a spider’s web as they trek along Sloan Museum’s Rainforest Adventure, a two-part maze featuring authentic sights and sounds of a tropical jungle. The mazes, which are fun for everyone, offer participants the opportunity to complete puzzles and physical challenges along the way. Wrong answers lead to [...]

Decoding Labels: Uncover the Value of Food Labels

Labels provide useful information that helps you make good choices about food products.  Look closely and you’ll begin to see why some foods are better for you than others. Among things to watch out for are high sodium (salt) levels and added sugars. Families interested in learning more about how to read food labels and [...]

A Moving Message for Everyone

Think school assembly on overdrive. The first Wednesday of every May, more than 300,000 children statewide exercise all at the same time. In collaboration with Farm Bureau Insurance, we are proud to host Project ACES — All Children Exercise Simultaneously. For one hour on ACES day, children from more than 1,000 schools across the state [...]