Happily Hydrated

Summertime is a fun time. The longer, sunnier days of the season make it enjoyable to get out and play, but they also increase the importance of staying hydrated. Here are tips for avoiding dehydration and related health issues that could put a cloud in the way of your child’s sunshine:

1) Start early and serve often. Offer plenty of water and fruits and vegetables with water content at meal and snack times, and in regular intervals in between. Provide water before bed to add more hydration, particularly when children sleeping in an area that is not air-conditioned or has limited ventilation.

2) Add fresh fruit and vegetable slices to water. Some of our favorites are lemon, orange, raspberry, pineapple and cucumber, which all add variety and flavor.

3) Slice and serve. Some summer fruits have lots of water content. One summer favorite, watermelon, contains more than 91 percent H20. Other summer foods high in water content include berries, cherries, grapes, oranges, cucumbers, melons, pineapples and leafy greens, like spinach and arugula.

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