Summer Sweat

When you lose more fluids through summer sweat than you take in you can get dehydrated. That’s why it’s important to drink fluids like water throughout the day. Children can become dehydrated quickly, so watching for signs can be key to their safety. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends notifying your family doctor if you [...]

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Happily Hydrated

Summertime is a fun time. The longer, sunnier days of the season make it enjoyable to get out and play, but they also increase the importance of staying hydrated. Here are tips for avoiding dehydration and related health issues that could put a cloud in the way of your child’s sunshine: 1) Start early and

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Smarter Lunchrooms: Why School Cafeterias Look Different than They Used To

If you give kids more fresh fruits and vegetables will they eat more? This is the kind of question researchers; school administrators and nutritionists ask as they evaluate school lunchrooms across America. Nutrition facilitators from the Healthy Schools Healthy Families program at Genesee County Intermediate School District (GISD) have begun the first phase of a

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Get Grilling

There’s nothing like an outdoor barbecue with all the fixings. It’s a sure sign spring is in full swing. Anytime families gather their meals tend to be more enjoyable, especially out in the fresh air. Adding the sizzle and smell of lean meats like a grilled turkey burger, marinated chicken, or fish, and vegetables makes

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Try, try, and try again

Sometimes food favorites don’t always start out as winners. So says Genesee Intermediate School District’s Healthy Schools Healthy Families Program Manager Leah Cox. Many kids have super-sensitive taste buds and preferences of certain types of food texture, says Cox. But she reminds parents that, just because a child doesn’t like a food item the first

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Get Growing!

Backyard or community gardens provide a great way to connect with kids and an even better incentive for the entire family to eat and share healthy, home-grown produce.  Follow these simple tips to make your child's garden a fun experience for everyone:   Give them space Dedicate a small portion of the family garden or

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Dig In

There are many good reasons to teach our kids to garden, but one of the most important is the profound lesson gardening teaches them about life. To grow is to know, say food and wellness experts at 810 KIDS! Kids who garden learn about cultivating carrots and other vegetables early in life are more likely

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