Decoding Labels: Uncover the Value of Food Labels

A young man inspects the nutrition label on a jar at a grocery storeLabels provide useful information that helps you make good choices about food products.  Look closely and you’ll begin to see why some foods are better for you than others. Among things to watch out for are high sodium (salt) levels and added sugars.

Families interested in learning more about how to read food labels and other important shopping skills are invited to attend the Crim Fitness Foundation’s “Cooking Matters at the Store” tour March 29 at Meijer, 2333 Center Road in Burton. The program, which begins at 1 p.m., helps families get better educated about food choices and includes:

  • Reading food labels
  • Comparing unit prices
  • Finding whole grain foods
  • Identifying three ways to buy produce

“Cooking Matters at the Store” often ends with the “$10 Challenge” that asks participants to use skills they learned in the presentation to buy a healthy meal for four, spending less than $10.

Recipes, shopping tips, a reusable grocery bag and $10 in healthy groceries are all part of a take-home package participants receive through the program.

For more information about Cooking Matters at the Store visit crim.org/events/cooking-matters-store-tour/. Call 810-207-0611 or email amakedonsky@crim.org to register.

Always check the serving size of the foods you buy – check out this video from Cooking Matters.

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